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Hello, my dear friend. I’m Shaila Vines — and as you’ve found me, you already know that I’m a hot cam performer. Maybe you have already watched my hot videos? Or perhaps you are one of my patrons on a famous platform? It doesn’t matter, silly!

The much more important fact is that here I want to share another side of my life with you. As a Cam Performer, I saw a lot of shit, like bad platforms, bad performers, or bad members, who are borderline maniacs. That’s why I want to come out, hehe. But not as homosexual, but as True Cam Model.

As you already know, before I made my final choice with the partner platform, I was performing on most sites, from regular porn platforms to something weird and full of prejudices. But I’m not a slut, and I was, am, and will be an art performer. Because my Cam performances are part of culture and art!

Not a Mother Fucker, but the main editor

So here, I will tell you all I know about cams. About their:

  1. Hidden Catches.
  2. Fucking offers.
  3. Bad Ideas.
  4. Scam deals.

And other shit, which overloads the industry. But in the depths of shit, I find some infrequent and brilliant sites that are fully clear and offer you good deals. And the prime reason why I’m talking about them is the assortment of girls, which makes me warm and a bit wet. So don’t worry, you will find not only shit or a part of my biography. I’m here to tell you exciting and helpful information.

But how did I get the chief editor’s position? It’s simple to explain. I have money and have free time. That’s why I invested both of them into this site. So now, I’m not a pretty and sexy doll. Now I’m an editor of a site full of inclusivity.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. All that you’d find here is not only about girls and the places where you can satisfy your perverted imaginations. Some girls who want to become a part of the Cam performer’s community can find information here that will save their nerves and virginity from going to waste.

One Reason to Trust me!

Before I continue — you should ask yourself, “Why should I trust this dirty bitch?” — And I have a special answer for you.

I’m an actual model, so my experience is much worthier than yours. I know all about cam sites, and you? Of course, I have some interests, But I’ll never want to tell you about the BS scam sites.

Because I was there. And I hate those fucking scam platforms, full of scams and dirt. I want to get the biggest Dildo and put it into the ass of the owners of all those fucking scams. They must burn in hell!

So my mission Is to save you from those fucking places, which are worthless and full of shit. I’m here to tell you about real worthy platforms, which provide you more than regular porn for a dime, and sometimes you can be impressed by the warm performances.

And at last, but not at least — these places are great for new girls, who want to become a part of the cam world. They give some clear offers. Not hard, not easy, or very profitable, but so clear.

I spent my time doing this research. And I hope it saves your money and your nerves. So enjoy them.

Still can’t find the proper place to cum? Write to me!

Of course, I’m not a god or goddess. I’m a regular writer, who has limited time and a hobby. That’s why sometimes I can miss new sites full of wet girls or live tentacles. So if you find something interesting, which I miss, tell me, and I will do new research especially for you. And if I see your favorite place maximally worthy, I share this review on the site and ask the administration for some promotions, which will help you to enjoy the Cam world for really free!

Shaila Vines
Chief Editor
Cam model, Sports, Hiking, Dance